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H3Complete is now officially launched, with lots to bring to the table.

Tournaments, cash, contests, and more.. Check them out!
Posted on 23 Sep 2007 by bLaZ3n
Forums, Forums, Forums!
Check them out. Step up your gaming expereience, by interacting with other members! You can do a lot on the forums, you can check out our tournaments, chat about your favorite games, and even look for even more scrims. You can link up, meet new friends, and even get your videos hosted by us. Only one thing is stopping you, and that is the registration. Its a simple 5 step registration that takes 2 minutes to finish. Devoting 2 mintues to register will defeintely change your gaming expereience, guranteed.
Posted on 01 Apr 2007 by bLaZ3n Version 2
Hello, and welcome to v2! Are you tired about how long it takes to find a scrim or clan match on xbox live? Or are you tired of posting on a forum, and not getting any replies or views? Or are you just looking for new friends to play with? Or are you looking for more competition? Well this site is for you, we are set up in a sleek user-friendly manner, that is very easy to use. Simply just make an account, login, and post a scrim! Well what are you waiting for! Register now! Once you login, you have the ability to post a scrim for multiple games and/or consoles. We support xbox, xbox 360, playstation 2, playstation 3, and nintendo wii! Also with a wide spectrum of games, in which we will be supporting all the major games. We take many factors into account for you to find the perfect match (e.g. skill level, number of players, map and gametype preferences, etc). Whether you need a team of two, four, or even just want to play a FFA, this website is for you!
Posted on 01 Apr 2007 by bLaZ3n

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